Appatha Tamil Movie Review When a son left his mother due to some circumstances, leading to Kannamma’s life takes an unexpected turn. As she navigates to unfamiliar city life & while taking care of the dog, while testing her resilience and compassion. Directed by Priyandree with the cast of Sidharth Babu  & Urvashi.

Release Date29 July 2023
Run Time / Duration1 hr 56 min
CastUrvashi, Sidharth Babu
WriterDeepthi Govindarajan, Priydarshan
MusicRajesh Murugesan
ProducerJyoti Deshpande, Suresh Balaje, George Pius
ProductionJio Studios, Wide Angle Creations
CerttificateU/A 7+

Appatha Movie (2023) trailer

Appatha Movie (2023) movie plot

Kannmma, an elder woman in Tamil Nadu started the pickle business which started transforming the life of all women in the surrounding, affectionately known as Appata. Her son who had moved out of the state, had forgotten his roots and family. But due to some reason, she needs to take care of his brother’s dog Zeus.

Appatha Movie (2023) Cast

Starring Urvashi in the lead role as Kannamma, & Sidharth Babu, who plays the role of her son role, where Urvashi is appearing in his 700th film appearance, directed by Priydarshan, with the production of Jio Studios, and Wide Angele Creations.

Appatha Movie (2023) review

A heartwarming Tamil drama with a stellar performance and storytelling by the director of Priysdarshan weaving the narrative around themes of love, family bonds, and the strength to overcome fears.

Who is the director of the Appatha Tamil Movie?

Priydarshan is the director of the Appatha Tamil Movie

Who is the production house of Appatha Tamil Movie?

Jio Studios & Wide Angle Creations is the production house of Appatha Tamil Movie

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