14 Sizzling Bollywood Item Video Songs Ranked

In this captivating article, we explore the scintillating world of Bollywood item video songs, ranking the top 14 in terms of their sizzling appeal.

From the infectious beats of ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ to the electrifying moves of ‘Munni Badnaam Hui,’ these unforgettable melodies have enthralled audiences worldwide.

Through a descriptive and analytical lens, we delve into the allure and impact of these songs, providing an engaging experience for our readers who seek liberation through the magic of Bollywood.

Sheila Ki Jawani

Sheila Ki Jawani, a popular Bollywood item video song, captivates audiences with its energetic choreography and catchy music. The song, performed by the talented Katrina Kaif, showcases her sizzling dance moves that have become iconic in the industry.

The song’s cultural impact cannot be understated, as it broke barriers and pushed boundaries in the conservative Indian society. The lyrics, although controversial, empower women to embrace their sensuality and break free from societal norms.

The dance sequences in the song are a visual treat, with vibrant costumes and mesmerizing choreography that showcase the talent and artistry of the performers. Sheila Ki Jawani has become a symbol of liberation and freedom, inspiring many to embrace their individuality and celebrate their unique identities.

Munni Badnaam Hui

After the success of Sheila Ki Jawani, another iconic Bollywood item video song that made waves in the industry is Munni Badnaam Hui. This song, featuring Malaika Arora Khan, became an instant hit and sparked debates about the portrayal of women in Bollywood.

Item songs have long been a staple in the industry, often showcasing women in objectified and hypersexualized roles. Munni Badnaam Hui, with its catchy tunes and provocative dance moves, further fueled the discussion on whether these songs empower or exploit women.

While some argue that these songs are a cultural phenomenon, celebrating freedom of expression and showcasing the talent of dancers, others view them as a controversy, perpetuating gender stereotypes and commodifying women’s bodies for entertainment.

The impact of item songs on Bollywood’s portrayal of women continues to be a topic of discussion and reflection.

Chikni Chameli

Another notable Bollywood item video song that ignited controversy and captivated audiences is Chikni Chameli. Released in 2012, this song featured actress Katrina Kaif in a sizzling avatar, delivering a powerful performance that left viewers in awe. Chikni Chameli quickly became the talk of the town, captivating not just the Indian audience but also gaining international recognition. The song’s catchy beats, energetic choreography, and Katrina’s electrifying dance moves made it an instant hit. Chikni Chameli became the ultimate item song, setting a benchmark for others to follow. Its popularity led to numerous dance covers and parodies, making it a cultural phenomenon. Below is a table showcasing the impact of Chikni Chameli in the Bollywood industry:

Impact of Chikni Chameli
Increased popularity of item songs
Katrina Kaif’s career boost
Influence on dance trends

Chikni Chameli continues to be remembered as one of Bollywood’s hottest and most iconic item songs, with its legacy living on.

Fevicol Se

Fevicol Se, released in 2012, emerged as a captivating Bollywood item video song that garnered attention and praise for its catchy tune and memorable choreography. This sexy and catchy song became an instant hit, capturing the hearts of audiences and leaving a lasting impact in the world of Bollywood cinema.

As an item song, Fevicol Se contributed to the larger discussion on the impact of such songs in the industry. Item songs have evolved over the years, transitioning from being solely a means of entertainment to becoming an essential element of storytelling. Fevicol Se perfectly fits into this changing trend by seamlessly blending seductive dance moves with the narrative of the film.

It exemplifies the fusion of music, dance, and storytelling that is characteristic of Bollywood item numbers.

Baby Doll

One of the most popular Bollywood item video songs, ‘Baby Doll’, showcases a mesmerizing performance and has gained significant recognition in the industry. This catchy and energetic song has made a lasting impact on society and has also been subject to discussions on cultural appropriation.

Here are four key points to understand the societal impact and cultural appropriation of ‘Baby Doll’:

  1. Empowering Women: ‘Baby Doll’ celebrates female empowerment and liberation, depicting the lead actress as confident and in control of her own sexuality.

  2. Commercial Success: The song’s popularity and success have contributed to the overall success of the film it belongs to, as well as the careers of the actors involved.

  3. Cultural Appropriation: Some critics argue that ‘Baby Doll’ appropriates certain cultural elements, such as the use of traditional Indian attire and dance moves, without proper understanding or respect for their origins.

  4. Global Influence: ‘Baby Doll’ has not only captivated Indian audiences but has also gained popularity internationally, further highlighting the globalization of Bollywood and its impact on different cultures.

While ‘Baby Doll’ continues to be enjoyed by many, it is important to recognize and discuss the complexities of its societal impact and potential cultural appropriation.

Chammak Challo

Continuing the exploration of societal impact and cultural appropriation in Bollywood item video songs, the next song to be discussed is ‘Chammak Challo’.

Released in 2011, this song from the movie ‘Ra.One’ had an instant cultural impact, becoming a chartbuster and a dance floor favorite. Sung by Akon and composed by Vishal-Shekhar, ‘Chammak Challo’ fused Western and Indian elements seamlessly, creating a unique sound that appealed to a global audience.

The song’s music video featured Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan, who mesmerized viewers with their iconic dance moves. Choreographed by Ganesh Acharya, the energetic and catchy dance steps became a sensation, inspiring many to imitate them at weddings and parties.

‘Chammak Challo’ not only showcased the cultural diversity of Bollywood but also highlighted the influence of international collaborations, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

Laila Main Laila

What impact did the song ‘Laila Main Laila’ have on the Bollywood item video song genre?

‘Laila Main Laila’ marked a significant milestone in the evolution of item songs in Bollywood, leaving an indelible mark on pop culture. Here are four ways in which it made an impact:

  1. Revitalizing the genre: ‘Laila Main Laila’ breathed new life into the item song genre, with its catchy beats and electrifying dance moves. It brought back the charm and allure that had been missing in recent years.

  2. Redefining beauty standards: The song featured the stunning Sunny Leone, breaking stereotypes and challenging traditional notions of beauty in Bollywood. Her confidence and charisma resonated with audiences, inspiring a shift in the portrayal of women in item songs.

  3. Global appeal: ‘Laila Main Laila’ gained international recognition, attracting a wider audience beyond the Indian diaspora. It became a global sensation, showcasing the influence and power of Bollywood on a global scale.

  4. Cultural impact: The song became a cultural phenomenon, with its infectious energy and catchy lyrics being hummed by people of all ages. ‘Laila Main Laila’ became synonymous with celebration and liberation, representing a new era for item songs in Bollywood.

‘Laila Main Laila’ not only left a lasting impact on the item song genre but also played a pivotal role in shaping the cultural landscape of Bollywood and beyond.

Mehbooba Mehbooba

The emergence of ‘Mehbooba Mehbooba’ brought a fresh perspective to the Bollywood item video song genre. This iconic song, featured in the 1975 film ‘Sholay’, had a significant impact on Indian cinema and a lasting cultural significance in Bollywood.

Composed by the legendary R.D. Burman and sung by the charismatic R.D. Burman and Lata Mangeshkar, ‘Mehbooba Mehbooba’ had a unique blend of folk and rock elements, which was a departure from the traditional Bollywood sound of that time. The song’s catchy beat, energetic choreography, and memorable lyrics captured the imagination of the audience, making it an instant hit.

‘Mehbooba Mehbooba’ paved the way for a new era of item songs in Bollywood, with its fusion of different musical styles and its ability to entertain and captivate viewers. Its cultural significance lies in its ability to transcend boundaries and become a timeless classic in Bollywood’s music repertoire.

Kajra Re

The success of ‘Mehbooba Mehbooba’ paved the way for another iconic Bollywood item video song, ‘Kajra Re’. This song, featured in the 2005 film ‘Bunty Aur Babli’, holds immense cultural significance and has left a lasting impact on Bollywood item songs.

Here are four reasons why ‘Kajra Re’ stands out:

  1. Fusion of Traditional and Western Elements: ‘Kajra Re’ seamlessly blends traditional Indian music with Western beats, creating a unique sound that appeals to a wide audience.

  2. Iconic Choreography: The song’s choreography, featuring the iconic trio of Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, showcases their exceptional dancing skills and adds to the song’s charm.

  3. Visual Aesthetics: The music video of ‘Kajra Re’ is visually stunning, with vibrant colors, elaborate costumes, and grand sets, giving it a larger-than-life feel.

  4. Timeless Appeal: Even after more than a decade, ‘Kajra Re’ continues to be a popular choice at parties, weddings, and Bollywood dance performances, proving its enduring popularity.

With its fusion of music, dance, and visual aesthetics, ‘Kajra Re’ has truly left an indelible mark on Bollywood item songs, making it an unforgettable contribution to the industry.

Anarkali Disco Chali

‘Anarkali Disco Chali’ captivates audiences with its energetic dance moves and catchy beats. This mesmerizing dance number showcases the influence of the Mughal era in Bollywood songs. The song, which is featured in the movie "Housefull 2", brings together the elements of traditional Indian dance and modern disco music, creating a unique fusion that appeals to a wide audience. The lyrics, composed by Sameer Anjaan, are filled with playful innuendos and add to the overall lively and vibrant atmosphere of the song. The choreography, done by Farah Khan, is a perfect blend of traditional dance steps and contemporary moves, making it visually captivating. ‘Anarkali Disco Chali’ is a testament to the timeless appeal of Bollywood music, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of India while embracing the modern era.

Song Title Movie Singer Composer
Anarkali Disco Chali Housefull 2 Mamta Sharma Sajid-Wajid


Moving on to the next item song in the ranking, ‘Dilbar’ builds upon the captivating energy and fusion of traditional and modern dance styles seen in ‘Anarkali Disco Chali’. This song, featuring Nora Fatehi, showcases the latest Bollywood dance trends and highlights the impact of item songs in Indian cinema.

Here are four reasons why ‘Dilbar’ stands out:

  1. Sensational Choreography: ‘Dilbar’ mesmerizes the audience with its intricate and dynamic dance moves. The choreography seamlessly blends classical Indian dance with contemporary styles, creating a visually stunning performance.

  2. Nora Fatehi’s Stellar Performance: Nora Fatehi’s effortless grace and fluid movements bring life to the song. Her expressive dance skills and magnetic presence make ‘Dilbar’ an unforgettable experience.

  3. Catchy Music and Lyrics: The catchy beats and pulsating rhythm of ‘Dilbar’ make it irresistible to dance to. The lyrics, though simple, add a touch of sensuality and liberation, perfectly complementing the overall theme.

  4. Cultural Fusion: ‘Dilbar’ beautifully combines elements of Indian and Arabic culture, showcasing the global appeal of Bollywood. The fusion of styles adds depth and uniqueness to the song, making it a favorite among audiences worldwide.

Aao Raja

Continuing the exploration of captivating item songs in Bollywood, the next in line is the energetic and seductive ‘Aao Raja’. This song, from the movie ‘Gabbar is Back’, showcases the evolution and impact of Bollywood item songs.

‘Aao Raja’ is a prime example of how item songs have become an integral part of Bollywood films, adding glamour and entertainment value to the overall experience. However, it is important to address the issue of cultural appropriation in Bollywood item songs.

While these songs often borrow elements from various cultures, it is crucial to ensure that they are presented with respect and authenticity. ‘Aao Raja’ highlights the need for a balanced approach that appreciates diverse cultures while avoiding stereotypes or misrepresentation.

As the audience desires liberation, it is imperative for Bollywood to create item songs that celebrate cultural diversity without perpetuating harmful stereotypes.


The next item song to be discussed in the article ‘Sizzling Bollywood Item Video Songs Ranked’ is ‘Kamli’. This energetic track showcases Bollywood dance moves at its finest, with the graceful and mesmerizing Katrina Kaif leading the way. Known for her impeccable dance skills, Kaif delivers one of her most iconic performances in ‘Kamli’. Here are four reasons why this song is a must-watch:

  1. Captivating Choreography: The choreography in ‘Kamli’ is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary dance moves. It is a treat to watch Kaif effortlessly execute the intricate steps with precision.

  2. Stunning Visuals: The music video of ‘Kamli’ is visually stunning, with vibrant colors, beautiful sets, and breathtaking cinematography. It adds to the overall appeal of the song.

  3. Powerful Expressions: Kaif’s expressions in ‘Kamli’ are on point, conveying a range of emotions through her eyes and facial expressions. Her intensity and passion make the song even more captivating.

  4. Electrifying Energy: ‘Kamli’ is a high-energy song that will make you want to get up and dance. The infectious beats and energetic choreography create an exhilarating experience for the audience.

‘Kamli’ is a testament to Katrina Kaif’s talent and charisma, making it one of her most memorable performances in Bollywood.


The elegance and cultural richness showcased in the previous item song ‘Kamli’ seamlessly transitions into the next subtopic, ‘Pinga’, highlighting the harmonious choreography and traditional elements that make this Bollywood item song a standout.

‘Pinga’ is a mesmerizing display of traditional Marathi dance forms in Bollywood, incorporating the influence of regional folk dances. The song, featured in the film ‘Bajirao Mastani’, brings together two leading actresses, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra, in a graceful and energetic performance.

The choreography beautifully blends elements of Lavani and Bharatanatyam, two traditional dance forms from Maharashtra and South India respectively. The vibrant costumes, intricate footwork, and synchronized movements add to the visual appeal of ‘Pinga’.

It is a delightful celebration of the richness and diversity of Indian culture, showcasing the seamless fusion of regional traditions in the realm of Bollywood.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Were the Rankings Determined for the Bollywood Item Video Songs?

The rankings for Bollywood item video songs were determined through a rigorous methodology that considered various factors such as popularity, choreography, and impact on movie success. These songs play a significant role in enhancing the popularity of Bollywood movies.

What Are Some Other Popular Item Video Songs That Didn’t Make It to the List?

Some popular item video songs that didn’t make it to the list include "Munni Badnaam Hui" and "Sheila Ki Jawani." These songs have had a significant impact on the Bollywood industry, contributing to its glamour and entertainment factor.

Are There Any Controversies or Scandals Associated With Any of the Mentioned Item Video Songs?

Controversies surrounding item video songs have had a significant impact on the Bollywood industry. These scandals have sparked debates about objectification and sexism, leading to a call for more progressive and inclusive content in Bollywood.

Have Any of the Item Video Songs Mentioned Been Remade or Recreated in Recent Years?

In recent years, several Bollywood item video songs have been remade or recreated, adding a fresh twist to the original versions. These remakes have had a significant impact on the Indian film industry, captivating audiences with their vibrant visuals and energetic choreography.

Can You Provide Any Behind-The-Scenes Information or Trivia About the Making of These Item Video Songs?

Behind the scenes stories and fun facts about item video songs in Bollywood provide fascinating insights into the making of these sizzling dance numbers. From elaborate costumes to intricate choreography, these songs are a perfect blend of creativity and entertainment.


In this article, we ranked 14 sizzling Bollywood item video songs based on their popularity and impact.

From the iconic ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ to the mesmerizing ‘Pinga,’ these songs have captivated audiences with their catchy tunes and energetic dance performances.

These item songs have become a significant part of Bollywood movies, adding entertainment and glamour to the overall cinematic experience.

Their popularity demonstrates the enduring appeal of these vibrant and dynamic musical numbers in Indian cinema.

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